Buy a modest house
Raise a couple kids
Make the same mistakes
That our parents did
Never felt so lost
Tell me where is found
Thoughts of giving in
Thoughts of settling down…

Side effects include (ahhh)
Irregular moods, getting bitter, getting cold
Feeling impossibly old.
Side effects include a jaded attitude
I can say I’ve had enough Of the side effects of growing up…

These growing pains, won’t go away
Hurts too much I can’t lie They really suck The side effects Of growing up
I can say I’ve had enough of the Side effects of growing up

(Verse 2)
From the cool end of his cigarette
Watch him breathe live in, and exhale regret
The corner man, he’s all of us
With our hardened hearts and our heavy guts
Takes another drag from his cigarette
Thinks a little more on the side effects

(Verse 3)
Bought a modest house
Raised a couple kids
Made the same mistakes
That his parents did
Never felt so lost Tell me where is found
Feels like he gave in… …when he settled down

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