So who is 2021’s”Best New Indie Artist?”

We have gone ahead & narrowed down some possible candidates below.


Charting Top 10 on the Mediabase Activator Charts, Nya is making waves & turning heads in the indie pop world. A sharp-witted lyricist with an unmistakable voice, Nya brings jazz-influenced musicianship to her indie pop songs, crafting unflinchingly truthful tunes that resonate with listeners around the world. Fast becoming a fan favorite globally, Nya is creating genuinely timeless music. Starting in Tampa, Florida, Nya was enthralled with the transportive power of music at a young age, captivated by the expressiveness of classic singers like Frank Sinatra. Nya found her passion for singing in high school, gifted with a silky, timeless voice along with a preternatural ability to translate her deepest feelings to relatable tunes with ear-worm melodies. As her artistic prowess grew, Nya embraced the best of all genres, from the unvarnished lyricism of Fiona Apple to vibe-heavy, modern acts such as the Internet that resist easy musical categorization. Having an ever-evolving sound, Nya’s retro-tinged work consistently reveals a forward- thinking vision and a desire to push herself creatively. Now with many releases under her belt, Nya is poised to begin the new decade with a bang.

Conan Gray

When it comes to meteoric pop stars, Conan Gray may very well be the next Billie Eilish. The GRAMMYs might need to start minding their list of Best New Artists far beforehand, however, in our hearts, among 2020’s Best New Artists was unquestionably Doja Cat. By turning into a breakout action using a music video which appears like it had been filmed in her area on iMovie to releasing among the very versatile hip-hop offerings of 2019, Doja Cat stands as among hip-hop’s best provocateurs. Everything she touches turns into gold, so is not it only fair she makes a few in return? The golden in this sense being a six-pound gold-plated zinc metal called a Grammy award.Truth be told, sometimes we’re simply too premature to our own good. While small of our compliments altered in the coming year, it’s appearing a lot more probable that he’s a competition for 2021’s”Best New Artist.” Together with his much-anticipated debut record, Both Windows, set to launch April 3, 2020, could 2021 be Benjamin’s year?Atlanta’s Kenny Mason earned greatest kept secret standing on the rap net in 2019 to get buzzy tracks such as”Strike” and”Nike II,” that reveal his talent for frank lyrics and chameleonic flows. 1 minute, he is warbling his way through a song’s bridge prior to hitting on the boosters and hammering a downhill sprint of a poetry, which makes every song feel as a diverse and lively world unto itself. Mason appears like the following in the lineage of all rappers such as Isaiah Rashad, Big K.R.I.T. or J.I.D: obviously southern, together with poise and insight beyond their years and also a deficiency of hubris. Mason’s stories of hustling and growing up with no are revived by his journalistic eye for detail, macabre humor, and well-honed awareness of self. It is unclear what the 25-year-old artist has in store for 2020 however, it appears likely that this is going to be the final season he is known as a best kept secret.Atlanta’s Summer Walker follows in the footsteps of R&B icons Jimi Hendrix, Erykah Badu, and Amy Winehouse to provide a velvety smooth eyesight you can’t help but lose yourself in. The tail end of 2019 welcomed the launch of her debut record, Over It, that saw collaborations from the likes of Drake, Bryson Tiller, 6LACK, Usher, and much more. As among R&B’s obvious celebrities to be, it’s merely a matter of time before Summer Walker makes her Grammy debut.


An effervescent charm oozes from BENEE’s every course, if she is tearing herself to shreds on”Supalonely” or telling off a buddy on”Locate an Island” The New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, that got her start observing covers in 2017, has emerged as a pop act with a different and beautiful sound. During her first official releases she is already showcasing significant mainstream possible whilst avoiding anything essential or fabricated.Working heavily by LEISURE’s Josh Fountain, she has released two EPs, FIRE ON MARZZ and STELLA & STEVE, the latter of which will be an impressive, fully-realized body of work full of breezy, hook-heavy stories of sin and love. BENEE lately told P&P she has been shifting her documenting style to be freestyle-based, a method which will deliver her natural allure more to the end.

Kim Petras

Kim Petras is a famous pop celebrity. From her anthemic songs to her attractive persona, each facet of the pop feeling is mythical. Pure, unbridled, cathartic songs that nods back to the towering peaks of ancient’00s pop giants while presenting a forward-thinking vision to its genre aka the specific makings of a shoo-in to get a 2021″Best New Artist pop” act. Sometimes, it seems just like Petras is just 1 radio-hit from the Grammys finally taking note.

Jelani Aryeh

Jelani Aryeh was impressing us because he began releasing music in 2017 while nevertheless as large school. Songs such as”Lavender Love” were hot, receptive, and difficult to define–present between genres, both lyrically and melodically. In 2019, Aryeh introduced his latest EP, Helvetica. For your San Diego native, this follow up into his attention-grabbing debut Suburban Destinesia showcased a more mature, elegant side into his genre-fluid design, digging into subjects such as his Filipino/African-American individuality, coping with parental expectations, and after his dreams.In the past couple of decades, an increasing number of artists have been producing music which resides involving any Hindi genre lines. Those artists are creating a number of the most energetic and fascinating artwork about, along with its own unique, relatable audio, this 19-year-old is certainly going to be one to see at 2020.070

070 Shake

070 Shake is a artist with no limitation, at least that’s the instant impression you get when listening to Modus Vivendi. The acclaimed debut album feels like a universe unto itself, navigating the rickety inner mind of an artist fighting an existential crisis. The only constant is 070 Shake’s identifying, hard-hitting vocals. And with the two Def Jam and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music behind it would not be any surprise to observe that a Grammy nod to the horizon.There’s a raw sincerity supporting the fabulous pop songs of King Princess. Inspired by the likes of Dolly Parton, Perfume Expert, Beyoncé, and Nick Cave, the Brooklynite is shaping up for a similar cultural icon that is lasting. Her universally-acclaimed debut record, Affordable Queen, came as an investigation of this one-of-a-kind performer, drifting between blues, indie rock, along with an unmatched pop sensibility. With a phenomenal introduction under her belt, 2021 may only be the year that the Grammys welcomes this Cartoon icon.