Among all the talented young singers and actresses, few are as popular as Olivia Isabel Rodrigo. The American has achieved a lot of recognition through television shows, particularly for her work in the Disney studios. She starred in shows such as Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Series. This has led to a huge demand for her talents & a stratospheric rise in her popularity.

artists like olivia rodrigo

The debut album by the American singer Olivia Rodrigo, SOUR, hit the shelves on May 21, 2021. The songs are about coping with a breakup and being a teenager, and they have sparked a lot of buzz. The lyrics are relatable and, at times, even a little bit tragic. Her inspirational message is infectious, and her songs are gaining popularity as a result.

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album is titled “SOUR.” It was released on May 21 and is a pop-punk rock record. Her songs have become a viral sensation as the relatable lyrics & songs are gaining huge popularity.  In addition to her first album, Olivia Rodrigo is releasing a new music video for her hit single “Two Seconds,” which is the title of the song.

With a debut album out in May, Noah Cyrus and Willow Smith recently released their latest projects. The pop-punk single, “The End of Everything,” has echoes of Hayley Williams and Avril Lavigne. The Linda Lindas, meanwhile, recently signed with Epitaph Records, a label famous for signing Weezer and Green Day. There’s a lot of promise for the future of pop and rock.

Olivia Rodrigo’s first album, SOUR, was produced by Dan Nigro, the former frontman of the Long Island indie-emo band As Tall As Lions. While the album sounds like a hybrid of pop and rock, the album is ultimately a pop record. This makes her a standout among artists in her genre. With her heartwarming debut album, she is sure to reach new heights.

Aside from being a successful pop star, Olivia Rodrigo’s career started with the Disney Channel show Bisaardvark at age nine. At 15, she received a starring role in the series “High School Musical.” In 2017 she had a cameo appearance on the popular television series “New Girl.” As a rising solo star, Olivia Rodrigo’s career is also important to the music industry. She has worked with a number of her musical idols and is now one of the top female stars of the decade.

Sour’s promo image has evoked both awe and dissent in a few fans. Her sound has a distinctly punk rock feel. Her songs are raw, honest and powerful, and her vocals are powerful and unique. The band’s music is both powerful and emotional, and her songs reflect that. She’s definitely a talent, and is already a household name in the music world.

Although she is a relatively new artist, her success is making her an important player in the music industry. Her debut album, “Drivers License,” has become the second-most-streamed female album in a week. While her success is noteworthy in its own right, the success of other young artists is a testament to the power of young, passionate female artists. She oozes with confidence and exuberance and is the top female artist of 2021.

The songs in Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, “Deja Vu,” have become an instant hit. The song’s lyrics are personal and she’s never afraid to share her innermost thoughts. The album’s eleven tracks have reached the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100. A few of the albums have reached the top of the Billboard Top 200. In November, she received seven Grammy nominations for her work.

The songs of Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album have reached the top of the charts in more than 100 countries. The song “Driver’s License” has been a global hit, generating millions of views, and earning praise from critics. With its beautiful lyrics and powerful voice, Ed Sheeran has gained a huge audience across the globe. However, despite her acclaimed status in the music industry, she has not yet announced any opening acts.

Artists Similar to Olivia Rodrigo

Many great musicians in history have been overlooked, for whatever reason. Olivia Rodrigo is one of these musicians – just a few years ago she was a little known superstar on the internet, and today she’s as big as it gets.

Some of these artists like Olivia Rodrigo have been around forever, and some will continue to be active on the music scene. This is a diverse mix of artists that don’t just share a similar voice, but a similar soul. 

Here’s a short list of musical artists like Olivia Rodrigo. If you’re looking for some new tunes, you’ll want to give the following people a listen today. 


Olivia Rodrigo and the New Zealand singer have very similar vocals. Olivia even said Lorde was a big inspiration for her.

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, professionally known as Lorde, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. She takes her inspiration from the British aristocracy and is noted for her introspective songwriting and unconventional musical styles. You can learn more about Lorde’s background and career below. We recommend reading it thoroughly and comparing her music to that of other artists, like Olivia Rodrigo.

If you want to learn more about Lorde, start by checking out her bio. This young singer is a bit quirky. Her bio will mention her family and upbringing in New Zealand. While Lorde rose to fame as a teenager, she still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. She is so passionate about music that she is surrounded by a group of famous friends. One of these friends is Taylor Swift, with whom she has shared stage time during her 1989 tour. The two have become fast friends, although they are no longer on the same label.

The alt-pop singer has an eclectic background. Her mother was an avid reader and encouraged her to develop her lyricism skills through reading. At the age of 11, Lorde won a school talent show and performed on local radio. This led to Lorde signing a development deal with Universal Music Group, and she began performing her own songs in 2011. She has now won numerous awards, including the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. While she is still a young singer, Lorde’s career is definitely hot.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is a singer-songwriter who performs under the stage name Billie Eilish. She was born in 2001 in Los Angeles, California, to a mother and father who were both amateur musicians. Her musical sound has been described as “dark” and “nerve-racking,” and she often performs with “soft whisper vocals”

Olivia Rodrigo is often compared to Billie Eilish as they have similar vocal styles and Billie preceded her in the industry. They are both young artists who deal with introspective & dark themes. The comparison was inevitable.

Billie has received criticism from professional music critics. Some of Billie Eilish’s critics say that her music is too hipster and that she’s too young to be writing music about such dark themes.

Billie Eilish hasn’t addressed all of the criticism that she’s received. Billie just continues to make music that she says feels is “authentic to her.” Billie Eilish is just a young girl, and she has yet to fully mature into the young woman she will soon become. She’s writing music that she feels is true to her, and she will continue to do so as long as she continues working as a musical artist.

She writes songs about her experiences as a young woman, and her music is described as “haunting,” “dark,” and “goth-like.” Her music is a mix of alternative and pop. 

Artists Like Olivia Rodrigo; Nya


Olivia Rodrigo and Nya also have a lot in common when it comes to music. They both have a similar sound and style. Both artists are known for their unique voice. They both have a very eclectic & indie pop sound. 

Both artists also have a very different style of music, and neither artist is in the mainstream. They are both unique when it comes to the way that they sing, and they both prove that a unique voice can make a person successful.

In particular, Nya’s genre is similar to Olivia Rodrigo’s. Nya’s sound is also alternative and eclectic. Her songs include a lot of alternative and pop influences. She also writes about her experiences as a young woman. This is why a lot of Nya’s fans enjoy listening to Olivia Rodrigo as well.


Paramore & Hayley Williams have been a success for many years and continue to thrive in the music industry.

The comparison of Olivia Rodrigo & Paramore is inevitable as Olivia Rodrigo was accused of literally stealing a Paramore song.

While some fans of the 21-year-old singer Olivia Rodrigo may be annoyed that she practically stole the Paramore song, Misery Business, for her song Good 4 U, the singer has said that she did not intentionally take the song. The band’s manager, Daniel Rosenberg, said that the two artists have been in contact since the band’s May release. However, they have not filed a lawsuit against each other.

While she hasn’t officially denied the accusations, her music has risen to new heights since her first single, “Driver’s License”, hit the iTunes top 40. But while she may have taken “good 4 u” from Paramore, they have worked out a deal where Paramore is credited as a songwriter on the track.

However, she’s taken the lead from Paramore, as her track “Misery Business” borrows a melody from the band’s song. She has also amended her songwriting credits, listing Paramore and Taylor Swift as the authors. She’s not alone – many musicians have copied songs from other artists. Although Rodrigo has attributed “good 4 u” to other singers, there have been many accusations of plagiarism.

While the Paramore’s music has remained popular, the band’s social media accounts have been in the news lately. The singer Hayley Williams recently decided to shut down her Instagram account and personal Twitter account, which fans have taken to be a hint of a new Paramore album. After pondering the decision for nearly a year, Williams announced her retirement. However, this decision has not been taken lightly. She’s still very much active on social media.

More Artists Like Olivia Rodrigo?

We haven’t looked at all the musicians who sound like Olivia Rodrigo, but the four listed above should give you more than a few hours of entertainment. Some of them, like Nya, are on the cutting edge. It will be interesting to observe how they develop over the next few years. If you’re looking for dark and brooding music that’s off the beaten track, these are the people to watch.

Music in the 21st century has been changing drastically. New generations will continue to grow and create new genres and lyrics. It’s a unique time in music history where new artists are popping up all the time. Some of these artists may sound exactly like some others, but there will always be a place for each one. Beyond artists sounding like Olivia Rodrigo, the music world of the next few years will probably surprise us in many ways.

One way to find more artists like Olivia Rodrigo is to listen to her songs then use a service like Pandora that uses the Music Genome Project to predict which songs are likely to be similar. The most exciting thing about artists like Olivia Rodrigo is that they are part of a new generation of musicians who are changing the face of music.

In particular, Nya, who is a rising star, is the kind of artist we should all be watching. Although she’s a bit more out there than the others, she’s definitely worth checking out. Or perhaps it’s her uniqueness that makes her such a draw. Either way, you should definitely check out Nya, Lorde, and more. You’ll probably find the next Olivia Rodrigo out there somewhere.


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