NYA | Artist, Singer & Songwriter

Nya Singer Beat New Artist

Nya is a genrebending singer/songwriter based between Los
Angeles and Paris. A sharp-witted lyricist with an unmistakable voice,
Nya brings a soulful delivery and jazz-influenced musicianship to her
cosmopolitan alternative pop, crafting unflinchingly honest songs that
resonate with listeners across the globe.

NYA’s Journey

Raised in Tampa, Florida, Nya was enchanted by the transportive
power of music from a young age, captivated by the expressiveness
of classic performers such as Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire. Those
great stylists guided her way as Nya discovered her passion for
singing in high school, gifted with a silky, timeless voice and a
preternatural ability to translate her deepest feelings into relatable
songs with ear-worm melodies. As her artistic growth continued, Nya
embraced the influence of her favorite modern performers, from the
unvarnished lyricism of Fiona Apple to vibe-heavy, contemporary acts
like the Internet who defy neat musical categorization. With an ever-
evolving sound, Nya’s retro-tinged work always shows a forward-
thinking vision and a desire to push herself creatively.
Now with a number of impressive releases under her belt, Nya is
poised to start the new decade with a bang.

The Evolution of an Artist

NYA Singer SongwriterComing off the release of Hold On, an unplugged EP that foregrounded her emotive voice and trenchant writing, Nya plans to spend much of 2020 overseas, forging connections with audiences onstage and further pushing her
sound with international collaborators on the cutting edge. Her next
EP, to be led by the single “Dark Places” in January, promises to be
her most personal yet, touching on mental illness, authenticity, desire,
self-doubt – themes both intimate and universal. As longtime fans
know, Nya’s creative journey might take her anywhere, but the end
point is always clear: soul-baring music that sticks in your head and
cuts to the bone.